This last year the community colleges in our region have taken extraordinary steps to address the needs of our students and the community during a challenging time. In the face of tremendous obstacles, our colleges have shifted to an online environment, continued supporting student achievement, provided employers with much needed well-trained workers, and helped the region’s students secure good-paying careers. 

In 2020, we utilized our Strong Workforce Program (SWP) funding to create essential lifelines. SWP funding was used to get technology and food into the hands of students, expand access to hands-on labs and learning tools, enable access to tutors and counseling, and support student health and well-being. SWP funding also supported the launch of the inaugural Faculty Institute that paired instructional faculty with research staff to analyze student data trends and develop plans to increase retention and completion rates. 

This report celebrates all that our colleges have accomplished with strong workforce program funding and the remarkable student outcomes that keep us going despite the challenges of 2020.

Click here to download the Impact Report.