Building your workforce with quality talent

The ten community colleges of San Diego and Imperial Counties are a consistent source for well-trained individuals who are ready for work. As the largest workforce training institutions in California, community colleges provide Career Education for people seeking the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to compete for local jobs.

Career programs not only address your industry’s technical demands, but are developed around 21st Century skills like adaptability, analysis and solution mindset, collaboration, communication, digital fluency, and self-awareness.

Community Colleges want to partner with you to understand:

  • the knowledge, skills, and abilities that make your employees successful.
  • how students can gain experience in your industry job opportunities to deliver qualified candidates for hiring.

Our work begins and ends with employers

Partner with San Diego and Imperial County Community Colleges, together we can:

  • Fill job openings
    • Share your job postings so we can help students connect with you and meet your needs
  • Align class curriculum
    • Share the knowledge, skills and abilities required for your jobs
    • Validate our labor market information
    • Serve on regional and local advisory committees with other employers
  • Offer work-based learning opportunities
    • Help students practice their skills and learn in real work environments

We are excited about the opportunity of expanding our connection with employers in the San Diego and Imperial Counties region. We believe our partnership will be mutually beneficial.

explore our colleges and the programs they offer.

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